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I just love to do Porn..

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 Posted on Nov 17, 2017 by Vicky-Acid

Hello guys, I just wanted to tell you about my feeling about recording Porn-Movies, I love it I just enjoy every little scene and most of my scenes are directed by myself as I don´t like any kind of Story-Board recordings no, no I have to feel free to be myself. Having lots of fun with it. Imagine you would be stressed out by any camera or anykind of director telling you stuff and about techniques. There would be no chance to get any tape at all because Weely would just start to block the real workflow lol. No my key is just have fun while fucking in some hot, delicious scenes for you, trying to feel perfect satisfied while getting spoiled. And I love to edit my personal sextapes just 4 you after. I wish you much fun lover-boys and banger, hit me up sometimes. Vicky

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