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Mhhh Forbidden sex on carnival

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 Posted on Feb 09, 2018 by MichelleBenson

A glass or two, lots of fun all together, and then sex? In my opinion, a one-night stand goes with Carnival just like a Christmas tree with the holly night - and all that not only with single guys...



At least one ONS for Carnival 2018 should be doable? Keep your fingers crossed for me!


A hug here, some kisses there and before I realize, it has turned into a thrilling one-night stand out of just a simple flirt, of course without condom and without even worrying about protection. Not only unmarried dudes are open for any kind of flirt and non-obligation sexual interactions on carnival, most of my sexpartners were already real family daddies. I just love it, once a year, as a passionated huntress I have an endless choice and all I need for hunting, is my MASK!

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