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Are you a new or even an experienced Webmaster? Maybe even a user who wants to earn Credits or Cash? Well our website is the right place to start over, you´re just a few steps away from converting your Traffic into Cash by selling our Premium Content.

This is how it goes: 

If you´re still no registered member yet, it´s almost time to change this and log in to your Member Area.

Click the link to your Account to the right on top of this Website.

 were is my Account?


1. The Affiliate Promo Link: 

Find yourself again in your Members´Area go on to the bottom at the right there is a Section called "Affiliate:" briefly circumscribed and in addition a personal Promo Link. This link is unique and can be customized, adjusted to your Members´ Name, please contact the Administrator via Contact Form on this. Copy this link by clicking once into the Link Area, pressing Ctrl+A keys at once, or by triple-click input into this Field.

 Affiliate Promo Link

Then simply select "Copy" using your Context Menu (right-click) or simply copy the Personal Promo Link using a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C.

 copy personal Promo-Link

Now you can spread and integrate this Link and generate Traffic wherever you suspect interested Customers and of course where 18+ Content is desired. You will be credited 30 Percent of an initial Charge with Credits and these can be used in some different ways, be it immediate usage on interactions in here or cash out at any time, as soon as passing the minimum amount of 50€.


2. Affiliate Payout Statements:

Betake yourself once again to the Members´Area by clicking "Account" in the upper right Area of this Webpage, enter now your personal "Payout Center".


Where´s the Payout Center?

Fill out this Form very carefully to make sure your Money reaches you as soon as you request a Withdrawal.

 Payout Center Link

After your Advertising Turnover increased noticeable and you remark many, many Credits credited to your Account, it´s time to request a Withdrawal by simply following Step 3.

 Kontostand Amateurbunny


3. Affiliate Withdrawal Inquiry:

Return to the "Payout Center", now you are allowed to enter any Payout Amount of your Choice, then simply confirm by clicking "Request Payout" your Withdrawal Inquiry will be processed and executed by our Billing Department. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further Information.

Request Payout

Our Team wishes you a lot of Cash and Success!

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